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Condensation Control and Mould Treatments

Condensation is by far the most common form of damp in buildings. It occurs when warm moist air carrying water in a vapour form is dramatically cooled, warm air can carry more water than cool air so when cooled moisture in the air is changed into liquid form. We see this effect often on materials such as glass, wall tiles and plastic surfaces it is where we cannot see such as timber and plaster that can lead to problems. Condensation can however, also occur in areas such as roof spaces and floor voids. Where porous materials such as wood and plaster are present this can in extreme cases lead to decay, infestation and rapid deterioration.

If condensation is present for some time it can lead to the germination of moulds this is usually your first indication that a severe problem exists. Once mould spores begin to germinate, in the right conditions they can spread quickly, with colonies of mould often occurring where ventilation is poor i.e. in corners of rooms or behind furnishings and curtains. Most properties will at some point suffer from minor condensation, which is not a serious issue. However, condensation can in some cases even be a risk to health where moulds are present and even when cleaned continue to return. Or visit our Damp Survey Page for more information

If you have any cause for concern then it may be possible that a damp survey could highlight the cause of the problem and produce recommendations to eliminate it. If you think you may have a problem and require a survey or need advice please contact us

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