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Mould is bad for your property it is also bad for you

Mould develops in buildings where there is a substantial amount of moisture, not all of which can be detected by sight, smell or touch, left untreated mould can become a problem for the building and its occupants. Mould can have allergenic properties which may cause irritations of eyes, nose, throat and lungs. Black mould can lead to an increase of respiratory problems such as asthma, both the elderly and young children in particular are badly affected. Mould growth will appear on any damp surfaces such as plaster, wallpaper and timber and is mainly associated with condensation problems but in a few cases can be an indication of deeper rooted problems. Condensation is one of the biggest causes of mould, black mould being the most common, mainly due to improved insulation and heat retention without the required improvement in ventilation.

Correct diagnosis and treatment is essential

Black Mould that appears as a result of condensation is often misdiagnosed as rising damp which is a potentially expensive, as the rising damp treatment will not remove the problem of mould associated with condensation. South West Wall Coatings (SWWC) surveyors are professionally trained and highly experienced in identifying condensation and will recommend the correct treatment for your mould problem. The Mould can be removed with simple a special mould spray and mildew cleaner, which is a combination anti-fungal, anti-bacterial compound used to kill the living elements of the mould and aid in mould removal. The real skill of the surveyor is identification of the cause and putting in effective ventilation so that condensation is eliminated and therefore preventing the mould returning. Please remember all our survey recommendations and treatments are guaranteed so when we leave, so do your condensation and mould problems.

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