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Dry Rot Surveys and Dry Rot Treatment

When timber is exposed to high moisture levels various forms of rot can occur. As timber absorbs moisture all the time from various sources, the moisture content of the timber can increase to a level where it can become vulnerable to decay and insect infestation. Rot is most likely to occur in floors where timber contacts wet masonry or where sub floor ventilation is poor, damp roof spaces, and also concealed timbers.

Only two categories of rots exist, Dry Rot and Wet Rot. There is only one type of Dry rot, there are however many different types of wet rot, and some rots display similar characteristics. The survey is crucial to ensure the correct diagnosis of the type of decay and the correct course of remedial treatment is recommended. If the diagnosis is incorrect the problem will not be solved.

Dry Rot needs a low moisture content to survive, hence the name, as long as a moisture source exists dry rot can spread from its host timber. It can spread across masonry walls and plaster in search of other food sources, making this type of rot extremely dangerous to buildings.

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