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Woodworm Surveys and Woodworm Treatment

Woodworm usually gets into your property either by flying in or from other woodworm infested timber, once they have gained access they can cause severe structural damage and irreversible loss. The most common wood boring pest (woodworm) in the UK is Anobium punctatum also known as the common furniture beetle. This beetle can infest all kinds of timber from structural timber to furniture, softwoods to hardwoods, painted, varnished or untouched. This woodworm even infests man made products such as plywood, this beetle has no preference on the type of wood it consumes so everything is at risk.

The woodworm makes small holes resembling dart imprints on the surface of the timber, powdery dust and small dark brown beetles all resemble the characteristics of an infestation. Should you notice any of these signs Contact us for a survey or advice.

Woodworm surveys

It is essential that the type of infestation (woodworm) is correctly diagnosed, and as a result the correct course of treatment is prescribed. A poor woodworm survey could lead to an incorrect analysis, which in turn leads to unnecessary worry, expense and avoidable work, this is why it is essential to have your timbers inspected by a professionally qualified surveyor. More info on our Timber Surveys Page Here.

Woodworm Treatments

We use many different treatments for woodworm timber infestation and decay, our surveyors will specify the safest and most effective method of woodworm treatment for your situation. The treatment recommended will ensure minimal impact to your property and the environment, all products used for timber treatments have been independently tested and approved safe for use by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). The repairs are carried out by qualified remedial technicians who have been trained by PCA (formerly BWPDA ) and CHAS both of which set the standards for our Industry.

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We are specialists in treating rising damp, woodworm, condensation control, basement tanking and completing all associated building works, such as plastering and carpentry.
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