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Virtually all buildings retain large structural roof and floor timbers, which are vulnerable to moisture penetration, wet or dry rot fungal decay and various insect attacks. Woodworm is commonly and loosely applied to all wood-boring beetles, but there are many species of beetle common to this country. Wood boring beetles, like fungal decay, can if in the right conditions, cause considerable damage resulting in the weakening of structural and joinery timbers. The effects of the damage can result in the structural failure of timbers and considerable repair costs. Whilst these defects can sometimes be obvious, deterioration can sometimes go un-noticed until the inevitable occurs, which is why as soon as suspect damage it is essential to book a timber survey.

Timber surveys and diagnosis

At South West Wall Coatings (SWWC) all our surveyors have extensive knowledge and have been trained above the required UK standards. All timber surveys conducted by SWWC are carried out in accordance with the PCA code of practice and by qualified surveyors who have attained the CSRT qualification (Certified Surveyor in Remedial Treatment). Once the survey is complete we will provide a detailed and comprehensive report that will outline any timber defects we have found. The report will provide conclusive evidence to support the diagnosis, it will also make recommendations for the remedial work required and provide costs for the remedial work. Any work that should be undertaken by SWWC is supported with insurance backed guarantees, so when we leave, rest assured so do your timber problems.

If you have any questions to put our Timber Treatment specialist or would simply like to book an appointment for a survey please call we are always happy to help.

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We are specialists in treating rising damp, woodworm, condensation control, basement tanking and completing all associated building works, such as plastering and carpentry.
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